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The Oxygen and Ventilator System Initiative (OVSI) is an international collaboration that seeks to advance and influence affordable,    life-saving oxygen treatments.

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OVSI Visits Arkema

The OVSI team was delighted to accept an invitation from Arkema to visit its R&D Centre in Lacq, Southwest France.

There was an engaging discussion around OVSI's progress to date, Arkema's Molecular Sieve work and expertise, and how we could collaborate in future. This was followed by a fascinating tour of the R&D facility.

Thank you for making us feel so welcome!

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Oxygen Concentrator

The OVSI Oxygen Concentrator produces almost pure oxygen from the air readily available around us. It eliminates the need for pressurised oxygen canisters and complicated hospital supply lines, reducing the need for trained personnel and enhancing overall safety.

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Concentrator reactor
Setting up the ventilator


The OVSI Ventilator is designed for a range of uses required in intensive care units. It works both with and without intubation – it is easy to adjust its settings either way. The ventilator design has been made available through Open Source.

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