O2 Concentrator

The supply of high quality pure oxygen is all too often taken for granted. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that this is far from true, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

OVSI offers an affordable solution to extract oxygen from ambient air. The OVSI Oxygen Concentrator draws air through a series of filters and adsorbent materials to produce almost pure oxygen.

Concentrator reactor

Health from the air

The earth’s atmosphere is made of nitrogen (79%), oxygen (20%), and some other substances like water, carbon dioxide, and argon.

For the effective treatment of patients ventilators need higher concentrations of oxygen to work – which is why one of our main modules is the OVSI Concentrator. This device draws air through a series of filters and adsorbent materials, and produces almost pure oxygen.

Abundant minerals

The OVSI concentrator works using materials called zeolites. Up close, zeolites look like tiny sponges – they soak up gases really well. For years, chemists and engineers have used zeolites in commercial filters, oil cracking, and purification processes.

Our device consists of a cylinder filled with zeolites. When we draw air into this cylinder, nitrogen gets trapped in the pores, making the output gas richer in oxygen. After a few cycles of compression and decompression, we obtain oxygen that is 90% pure.

Zeolites are minerals that can occur naturally in the ground, made of aluminium and silicon – two of the most abundant elements on the planet. The zeolite we use here is an artificially manufactured one but affordable due its composition. We design OVSI systems to build the modules on site using affordable materials that are easy to mine.

Safety first

Our oxygen concentrator will eliminate the need for pressurised oxygen canisters and complicated hospital supply lines. This will not only reduce the need for trained personnel but crucially it will make medical grade oxygen available where it is currently not, as well as increase the safety of oxygen delivery procedures.

OVSI devices reduce the cost of oxygen and increase its safety, our systems take oxygen out of ambient air – zeolites adsorb it directly from the atmosphere.