Bahir Dar Test Rig update

August 5, 2022

The team in Bahir Dar has been making excellent progress throughout the Spring months. The design and milling for the PCB board that will integrate with the Arduino Mega and run the sensors, valves, displays, LEDs and power supply is almost complete, and a prototype frame structure has been designed, printed and machined using SOLIDWORKS. The design and manufacture of a sound proof box that will be used to house the Concentrator prototype has also been finalised.

As reported in the previous newsletter, high levels of humidity is one of the key environmental challenges faced in Ethiopia at certain times in the year. The team has continued running experiments on the test rig to work out the most efficient arrangement when moisture levels are particularly high. A similar challenge is high dust content in the air, which can ultimately stop the system working if not filtered out. To solve this the team has been working on an innovative method to remove dust from the system.