Frequently asked questions


How much will the OVSI ventilator cost?
Less than $1000. This is our target, which we will confirm soon. The exact price will vary based on the manufacturer and your local supply chain.

Are all the parts required to make this ventilator easily available?
Yes. We are currently working through sources for each
component with partner engineering companies in Africa. This ventilator is specifically designed to allow the parts to be easily sourced. This is radically different from almost all other ventilator designs currently on the market.

Can the ventilator be adapted for use on children?
Probably. Final confirmation will be coming soon.


What type of ventilator is this?
The OVSI ventilator is a pressure controlled device with an intergrated air compressor.

What modes can the Ventilator operate in?
PCV (Pressure controlled ventilation), SIMV-PCPS (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation — pressure control pressure support) and CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure).

What range of Inspiratory pressures can the ventilator provide?
Up to 50cm H20.

Does the OVSI ventilator rely on an oxygen sensor to determine flow?
Yes. The ventilator is designed with an internal air compressor, hence it can ventilate with room air without additional machines.

What alarms are available?
Respitory Rate, PEEP pressure, FiO2, Inspiration pressure and Tidal Volume can be set to trigger alarms.

What controls are available?
Respitory Rate, Peep pressure, I:E ratio, FiO2, Inspiratory Pressure and Inspiration Slope can all be controlled individually.

Certification and approval

What certifications are you pursuing?
At the moment we are following two routes of certification: emergency certification in South Africa and a long-term aspiration to certification in the UK in order to facilitate regulatory approval in the countries where manufacture will occur.

Could the OVSI ventilator be used in the UK?
Yes. Despite its low cost, the OVSI ventilator rivals machines that are currently used by the NHS. From the outset of the initiative, the design team has had detailed discussions with intensive care medics in leading UK hospitals, on what specifications are needed to fight Covid-19. Our design outperforms what was requested by the UK Ventilator Challenge. If required to support the UK’s effort the OVSI ventilator is ready to be taken through rapid MHRA certification.