OVSI's Approach

Our mission is to design a context-appropriate, modular oxygen and ventilator system, initially motivated to serve as an urgent humanitarian response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to save lives in low-resource settings long-term beyond the duration of the pandemic.

We want to strengthen capabilities and ecosystems in emerging economies, to enable development and manufacture of OVSI systems in low and middle-income countries.

OVSI supports the establishment of inclusive, international, inter-sectorial collaborations to enhance the resilience of economic and health and welfare systems.

Our Story

OVSI originated from an inter-departmental initiative at the University of Cambridge. Now, engineers, scientists, medics, businesses, and NGOs across the world have joined forces in this agile, not-for-profit venture. Meet our team here.

Our philosophy

Open: Our collaborative designs are open, to facilitate development and manufacture in low- and middle-income countries.

Low-cost: All modules of the OVSI system are high-quality and technically exemplary, but costs will be kept to a minimum, with designs focussed on efficacy and accessibility.

High Quality: Infrastructure, energy sources, and capabilities consider local conditions, both financial and environmental, as well as other needs and pressures but the finished product makes no compromise on safety and efficacy of the devices.

Robust : OVSI devices are resilient, ready to face challenges like dust, pollution, humidity, electrical surges, and the lack of sterile facilities. We also consider transportability, to guarantee oxygen delivery for all.

Interoperable: All OVSI modules will be interoperable, supported by training and documentation. Moreover, our devices connect with pre-existing infrastructure and equipment without difficulty.

High quality: Our collaborative process brings together experts from across the globe, considering all aspects of purpose and context to produce efficient, highly operable, and durable modules, designed to last and offer additional value.